Work with Me

I have taught essay-writing classes, published many of my own pieces and been recognized in several essay contests. I am now offering a service to consult with writers on their essays. I have the capacity to work with a limited number of writers each week.

$99.00 (A typical personal essay is 1200-1500 words. I’ll review up to a 10-page essay for this cost.)

I’ll read the essay and provide light line edits and comments in the document. We’ll meet via Zoom (an online video conferencing platform) to discuss the goals of your piece, what’s currently working, and how to strengthen the essay from a structural perspective. Depending on how complete the draft is, I may have suggestions on where to submit the piece.

You should know I’m not a proofreader. My main strength is being able to look at your piece, listen to what you’re trying to achieve, see what’s already working and make suggestions on how to make it stronger. Feel free to check out my essays page to get a feel for my work and whether my style resonates with you.

If this sounds like a service you and your essay would benefit from, reach out to me soon while spots are still available. Below, I’ve provided a testimonial from a writer I’ve previously worked with — and will hopefully be adding more testimonials as they become available. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

  • Week of March 19 – 2 spots available
  • Week of March 26 – 2 spots available
  • Week of April 2 – 2 spot available
  • Week of April 9 – 1 spot available
  • Week of April 16 – not available
  • Week of April 23 – 1 spot available
  • Week of April 30 – 2 spots available

To Get Started:
Email me at Let me know what week you’re interested. I’ll send you a PayPal invoice. Once paid, you’ll secure a spot. You can send me your essay and we’ll arrange a time to meet via Zoom (an online video conferencing platform).


Mahin Ibrahim

“I credit Tammy Delatorre’s brilliant feedback on why my personal essay got published and will be included in an upcoming anthology. Tammy Delatorre taught me the classic structure of a personal essay, suggested how to completely restructure it – section by section – to incredible results, and unearthed the central part of the story which I had buried. Not only did she provide very detailed notes, she also gave me advice on possible publications, how to tailor the essay to my intended audience, and highlighted moments that stood out to her to expand upon further. If you want to improve your writing and learn from a fantastic teacher, go to Tammy Delatorre.”
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Tina Rubin

I’m a journalist, but writing a personal essay is a whole different animal! Tammy was amazing. She helped me recognize and change my reporting style to something more personal and relatable. She identified two story lines in my essay and helped me weave them together more dramatically. And she absolutely knows her markets. She suggested I send my finished piece to O magazine (I was shocked), and it was under consideration there for a while, with several personal emails from the editor! It’s now being published in June in the Coachella Review. I’m thrilled that Tammy is offering feedback on essays through her website. She’s an outstanding editor and a caring and delightful person.”
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