VIDA Review
September 2020
“How to Drive on Empty”




Zone 3: a literary journal
March 2020
“The Peacock Thief”





Moon City Review

“The Baby Garden”






October 2015
“Acts of Disappearance”


The Nervous Breakdown
July 2015
“Tender at the Bone”


The Citron ReviewThe Citron Review
June 2015
“Studying for the S.A.T.”




Watershed Review
May 2015
“Red Sea”


The Molotov CocktailThe Molotov Cocktail
February 2015
“Scar Girl”





Perceptions: A Magazine of the Arts
June 2014
“What I Wish Hadn’t Happened…”

Many Mountains Moving
May 2010
“The Drive Home”

River Styx
Spring 2008
“The Sweetness of Moths”